Special Invitations/Annual Report/Newsletters

Chesapeake Conservancy

The Chesapeake Conservancy is doing incredible things to help preserve, educate, and to enable the public to enjoy this natural resource.  It is a pleasure to partner with them to help create beautiful pieces that are eye catching, effective, and on budget.


Blue Crab Cupcake

The Blue Crab Cupcake has made the transition from successful catering company to a retail storefront.  Their product tastes even better than it looks...   We helped create their logo, established branding colors and fonts and create several marketing products such as business cards, brochure, pull-up banner, and retail signage.

Front Lobby Wall Installation

US Lacrosse Front Lobby

US Lacrosse built a new national headquarters in Sparks, MD in 2017. As you walk into the building, they wanted a visual wall that conveys what their organization is all about.  Their mission statement is on the top. Text and photo standoff panels were create one for each of the six pillars that define the organization. These pillars are: